POS2020 Solutions

POS2020 provides a complete end-to-end solution for your business. Our solution is designed with your business growth and rapid expansion in mind. Our smart plug-and-play building blocks allows you to expand easily as your business grows without having to re-invent the wheel. Our Solution integrates your front office, back office, centralized server and your web based services – all in one place

  • Cash and Credit Card sale processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Push button or bar code scan sale
  • Employee Management
  • Multiple Sales Reports
  • Gift Card Processing
  • Void, Discount, Return, Exchange operations.
  • Tax Management

In a fast paced customer service environment your customers expect a faster checkout processing that easily and quickly enables them to go about their regular business. Weather they are buying a candy or a bottle of wine or a sandwich – customers expect an experience that is unique and rapid in execution. Our Support Service enables you to provide such to your customers with a peace of mind. With our customer service, you are empowered with quicker software solutions, new features updates and faster hardware replacement that keeps your productivity at maximum strength.

Every business is unique. Every customer is unique. We understand that. That’s why many of our clients prefer us as we provide custom solutions to their problems – the one that off the shelf products will never do. Be it a special data report or a simple button to enable faster checkout processing that suits your business needs – we support it. Just as your business is unique and your customers are unique, we want your software to be unique.

Liquor Store POS

Liquor Store Point-Of-Sale software offers an unique insight to business owners. It provides information into patterns of sales throughout the year. It offers one-touch or scanner solution for sales allowing faster processing and provides inventory management. We understand that Inventory Management is critical to this business and hence the POS software places a lot of emphasis on managing products at hand. This is essential if you operate multi-store location where you need to manage inventory of all business from once place – something that increases your buying power allowing you to leverage a lower cost.

Convenience and Grocery POS

Our POS2020 Point-Of-Sale is designed for a high traffic quick processing environment where the objective is to get your customers rapidly through the process. Our software allows you to sell items at the push of a single button or scan using a barcode reader. It keeps tab of your product inventory and reminds when your inventory is low. Some of the key features include:

Restaurant and Food Service POS

Our comprehensive Restaurant and Food Service Point-Of-Sale software is scaled for every type of food service business. Whether it’s a restaurant, a TO-GO food business or a simple kiosk, our POS Software is specifically designed to integrate in food business environment. Restaurant POS can either print two tickets – one for you and one for kitchen or we also support a Monitor system in the kitchen allowing the cooks to see the order on screen directly. This removes the expense of purchasing printing rolls and improves accuracy of order processing in the order it is received. This is a very popular solution within our customer base and has helped them effectively manage daily operations.

Dollar Store and Cigar Store POS

Dollar Stores and Cigar Stores Point-Of-Sale Software is an effective tool for managing your Dollar Store business all from one place. Your register not only acts as a tool to check-out customers, it also acts to control and manage your inventory. We realize that this is a key to your business and we have placed special emphasis on allowing you to manage your inventory. The POS Software also offers great flexibility in speedy check outs and one touch processing. As your inventory is sold, POS system manages your low threshold counts and triggers reminders to refill.

Bar & Pub POS

Our Bar & Pub Point-Of-Sale Software allows accurate register and product management reducing the loss and overhead experienced widely in regular cash-register system. Bar owners are given more control and visibility of beverage usage and waste along with high control in cash management. POS Software allows you to know exactly what is happening at your bar – even if you are at a different location!

Wide Range of Reports

While all POS systems give you sales data to some degree, the capabilities and clarity of a system’s reporting platform are not all created equally. Your POS system should be able to generate detailed sales reports that not only identify your best selling items and returns, but record margins and measure the effectiveness of your pricing