What is POS2020?

POS2020 is a complete Point of Sale business solutions for any retail business in fast pace customer service environment. POS2020 is unique in every way from design to its architecture derived from years of experience both in technology and business owners themselves.

What is different about POS2020 System ?

POS2020 Point Of Sale system is very unique in POS industry in such that it is completely developed with the end user in mind. We have partnered with not only business solutions provider, but the actual end users like yourself who spends most of their time managing and running their own business. We get daily inputs from these business owners, right from the business floor, and we regularly add new features.

POS2020 has now grown into a large customer base that heavily relies on our advanced features to make their business go places. Our business reports are unique - something that all business owners actually use. We also provide Mobile App to so our business owners are in constant touch even while sitting on the beach.

Why should I use POS2020?

POS2020 is a complete solution for any size business - just look at our homepage and you will realize its true potential and capabilities.

Do I need Internet to use POS2020?

No. While your internet is down, POS2020 is designed to run in stand alone with full functionality. Your transactions are saved locally and synced with your server after internet connectivity resumes.

How long does it take to install and running?

It takes 2-3 business days to have our expert installation team configure and install system at your business site with training provided on-site.

Do you provide Training?

At initial install time, you will receive extensive training in configuring and setting up your software. We will even pre-install several products so that you can immediately start using after installation completes.

What are Credit Card Processing Rates?

Your fees will vary based on your choice of processor. If you choose to use FirstData, our integrated payment processing solution, you will get a fully customized rate based on specific details about your business. If you choose another provider, your fees will depend on your contract with that provider.